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This is the FrontPage page of the features wiki.

Last edited by hartmann on Mar 10, 2005 9:42 am

Current Features of the extended OntoWeb Portal

  • Modular Content Type creation and modification
  • Content Syndication through RDF
  • Upload and download of publications in BibTexx format
  • Bug Tracking System with Workflow and e-Mail Notification
  • What's new? Portal Tab which shows latest submissions on OntoWeb
  • Syndication enabled folders show dynamically XML Button in the upper right corner
  • Enhanced Server Watchdog Script is running for OntoWeb
  • External Watchdog Server is running for OntoWeb
  • Distributed OntoWeb Cluster are running for load-balancing and mirroring
  • KnowledgeIntegrationx for OntoWeb Roadmap, OntoWeb Edu and main OntoWeb Portal based on Zentral Storage Server
  • Installed new content type FeaturedContent which allows users to feature important content on the main page of the portal.
  • Portal Managers can choose individual external content editor for creation and modification of files (e.g. .txt, .html, *.py, etc.)

Upcoming Features

  • Automatic creation of default content for new user (e.g. My Publications Folder)
  • Annotation of web pages providing an annotation server. access through amaya.
  • PDF on-the-fly
  • Web Agent Mechanism automatically updates content in the portal through RSS/RDF
  • Other Portals are able to login as Portal Client and add/integrate their content through RSS/RDF

Installed / Implemented Features but not activated

  • Workflow System
  • Photo Album, -archive
  • Mailinglist, -archive