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Welcome to the extended OntoWeb Portal

OntoWeb finished on May 13, 2004. Please, visit the follow up project Knowledge Web.

The OntoWeb Logo was designed by Harriett Cornish (Knowledge Media Institute, Open University), http://kmi.open.ac.uk OntoWeb Ontology
Roadmap Portal
Project Co-ordinator 
Prof. Dieter Fensel (dieter.fensel@uibk.ac.at)
Next Web Generation Group
Institute of computer science, 
University of Innsbruck
Contact Person
Dr. Ying Ding (ying.ding@uibk.ac.at)
Next Web Generation Group
Institute of computer science, 
University of Innsbruck
Mobile: +31 652098022

This is the community site for Ontoweb, a European Union founded project about Ontology-based information exchange for knowledge management and electronic commerce.

First-hand information about Ontoweb is available in the project deliverables.

The portal features a comprehensive Content Management System allowing participants to provide up-to-date information in a comfortable way. A special OntoWeb-ontology is applied to structure domain-specific knowledge among project partners. Metadata conforming to the ontology are provided and syndicated in a central knowledge base.

Please click on the registers above to learn more about the project. Refer to About to apply for project membership and further information. Furthermore, current participants and Portal Members (Users) can be listed on the corresponding register. SIGs features information about the five special interest groups.

By joining, you will have your own account with the possibility to have personalized content, and you will be able to add your own documents, images and files to the site.

Use our context-sensitive help-system always accessible in the right upper corner. Please help us maintining this portal and report bugs or submit feature requests at our Tracking System.

Please visit the other OntoWeb portals, viz. the OntoWeb Ontology Roadmap portal provided by the University of Madrid and the OntoWeb Edu portal by the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University, UK.

The OntoWeb project is listed in the project directory of www.ktweb.org, a portal devoted to the Knowledge Technologies (KT) community.