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Flyers, Presentations at conferences and meetings, misc

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General presentation for OntoWeb File 1008 K 2002-08-20 n/a
Semantic Web Kick-Off in Finland Link 1 K 2002-08-20 n/a
Ontoweb at the Agentcities ID1, Lausanne File 893 K 2002-08-20 n/a
OntoWeb Flyer Link 1 K 2003-03-31 n/a
Semantic Web initiatives in Israel Link 1 K 2002-09-24 n/a
OntoWeb - A Semantic Web Community Portal Link 1 K 2002-09-24 Scientific Paper on the portal
Ontoweb Portal Tutorial File 1.59 M 2002-09-25 Use this tutorial to get familiar with the portal's concepts, especially the Content Management.
Ontoweb sponsored Global Agent Technology Competition Link 1 K 2002-10-15 n/a