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Joint Collaboration

Semanticweb.org is one of the largested Semantic Web forum and repository. It is dedicated to collect technologies and approaches available for realizing the Semantic Web, to further explain them and to be a forum for people interested in the Semantic Web. 

AgentLink is Europe's IST-funded Network of Excellence for agent-based computing. As such, AgentLink coordinates research and development activities in the area of agent-based computer systems on the behalf of the European Commission. AgentLink supports a range of activities aimed at raising the profile, quality, and industrial relevance of agent systems research and development in Europe. 

Agentcities is an initiative to develop a worldwide, open dynamic service environment based on Agent technology. It is supported in Europe by the 5th Framework funded Take Up Action, TRIAL/TESTBED Agentcities.NET which acts as a support to European research and industry groups wishing to participate in the development of the Agentcities network. 

Electronic Commerce Workshop

The generic CEN/ISSS Electronic Commerce Workshop has been established to provide an open and flexible framework for market players (manufacturers, service providers, users, research bodies, administrations, etc.) to identify and progress Electronic Commerce standards and standards-related issues, and to deliver outputs. As Electronic Commerce impacts on all business processes, a common, multi-sectoral approach is crucial for resolving interoperability between technical solutions, which need to be implemented across businesses and value chains. The Workshop offers a coherent and cohesive focus for EC standardization at a European level, within the context of global EC standardization activities.  

The mission statement of the UCEC association is the development, the maintenance, the promotion and the distribution of the Universal Content Extended Classification as an open standard for e-commerce catalogues classification and business exchanges. The objective is to make it easier for buyers to compare products but also for supplier to present their catalogues on the various business channels including marketplaces and webshops.